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*American Bar Association, Legal Technology Survey Report, 2023


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When you've got access to exclusive information and insights before anyone else, there's no telling what you can do. Law360's practice of law coverage spans 60+ sections on every major topic, state and industry. With on-the-ground reporters across the United States, you can count on us to bring you the latest news as it breaks so you can power your practice.


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We are the source of news and information through the lens of the legal industry. More than 2.8 million readers rely on Law360 every day to stay on top of issues, safeguard clients and sharpen their competitive edge.

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Law360 is proud to offer advanced text-to-speech technology that turns written articles into audio stories; you can now reach a whole new level of productivity by listening on your morning commute or while carrying out your daily activities. To listen in – simply click on the headphones icon next to the article.

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Exclusive surveys and rankings highlight top-performing attorneys, practice groups and firms across the legal industry, from diversity to financials – as well as the annual Law360 Pulse Leaderboard, an industry-leading ranking of the Top 100 US law firms.


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"Law360 creates new opportunities for us to become closer to our clients, and to identify trends that enable us to solve problems more quickly and efficiently for our clients. I frankly don’t know how we can deliver our client service without the support of Law360."

Gerald L. Maatman Jr.
Partner at Seyfarth Shaw

“Law360 is the legal equivalent of a stock ticker. It is the first email I open every morning, and I check it for updates at least two or three times throughout the day. Law360 keeps me connected professionally and enables me to provide my internal clients with the best, most contemporary legal advice. If I could only have one resource to maintain my professional acuity, Law360 would be it.”

Kevin Covert
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Honeywell International Inc.

“The lawyers at Whatley Kallas use Law360 as one of our primary means of keeping up with the most recent developments in the law. Early every morning, we are able to see the latest judicial opinions, regulatory developments, and other important activities. This information helps in making sure we are up to date in all our cases.”

Joe R. Whatley Jr
Partner at Whatley Kallas, LLP

“Law360 has become a daily must-read. They keep adding reporters — good ones — and expanding coverage. I’ve come to depend on it for details about complex topics.”

Verenda Smith
Deputy Director at Federation of Tax Administrators
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