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When you've got access to exclusive information and insights before anyone else, there's no telling what you can do. Law360's practice of law coverage spans 60+ sections on every major topic, state and industry. With on-the-ground reporters across the United States, you can count on us to bring you the latest news as it breaks so you can power your practice.


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We are the source of news and information through the lens of the legal industry. More than 2.7 million readers rely on Law360 every day to stay on top of issues, safeguard clients and sharpen their competitive edge.

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Cut through the noise and focus on the topics that matter most. Easily track news and cases involving your clients and competitors with myLaw360, a customized dashboard of the Law360 news feeds you need to know about.

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When you're fast to know you can be first to advise. Get real-time alerts every time new criteria matching your search is published or filed. Law360's case database contains over 3 million cases dating back to 2011 and allows for easy access to federal, PTAB and TTAB case filings and documents. Track cases, clients and your own firm to stay informed and act with confidence.


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Listen to Law360 articles on-the-go or tune into one of our podcasts to stay up to date on the biggest cases and legal trends–whether you want a full recap of the week in law, a quick look at the latest action at the U.S. Supreme Court, or a narrative series, we’ve got the show for you.


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Exclusive surveys and rankings highlight top-performing attorneys, practice groups and firms across the legal industry, from diversity to financials – as well as the annual Law360 Pulse Leaderboard, an industry-leading ranking of the Top 100 US law firms.


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Gain insights from your peers or submit your own articles and position yourself as a thought leader with Law360’s expert analysis column. Expert Analysis offers attorneys and other thought leaders the opportunity to share their expertise and insights with the legal community. Those with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the field can help individuals or organizations to identify potential risks, evaluate the impact of different scenarios and develop strategies for mitigating risks or maximizing opportunities. Stay informed and ahead of industry trends with critical analysis on breaking news from experts and thought leaders in the legal community.


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