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*American Bar Association, Legal Technology Survey Report, as of Dec 2023

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The perfect fit for real estate specialists

Law360 Real Authority is the essential newswire that delivers key cases, policies, deals and trends that real estate specialists need to know. In addition to news articles and breaking alerts, Law360 Real Estate Authority goes beyond the headline to deliver exclusive in-depth analysis of critical commercial and residential issues, both from in-house senior reporters and leading experts in the field. ​

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Go Beyond the Headline

Led by a dedicated team of reporters and industry experts, Law360 Authority showcases the latest trends, deals, litigation and policies - and the stories behind them.


Through news features, special series and interviews with high-profile newsmakers, you'll gain valuable insight into the forces shaping law and policy. With reporters on the ground in major jurisdictions around the world, we strive to update you on the developments that affect your practice and your busines.


Law360 Authority includes third-party analysis written by some of the most renowned minds in the field. Gain practical knowledge through deep knowledge you can apply to capitalize on developments as they unfold.


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