Our Mission

We seek to uncover the truth and help the legal community understand the world around them. Our mission is centered on the belief that excellent journalism — journalism that upholds the highest standards of credibility, reliability, truth and transparency — can deliver information and insights to our readers and justice to our society.


Awards & Recognition

Best Investigative Article for Lawyer’s 4.5-month licence suspension for sexual, racial harassment called ‘Slap On The Wrist’

Canadian Online Publishing Awards as of February 2023

Best Blog/Column/Videocast/Podcast for Prison, A View From Inside

Canadian Online Publishing Awards as of February 2023

Our People

Producing a signature newswire that stands above requires top talent. At Law360, we are journalists, editors and experts and many more — all united by a shared mission to deliver information and insights to our readers and justice to our society. We are independent, entrepreneurial, purpose-driven, innovative and inclusive.

We are Law360.



We dedicate our work to ensure the legal profession stays informed and equipped to do their best work at all times. We cover the most important stories of the day — with the most truth and transparency we can offer — and we do this because we know that delivering information and insights to our readers delivers justice to our society.




Ontario Lawyers Weekly was created in 1983 to address the issue that a lawyer’s biggest problem was getting up-to-date information. The name then changed to The Lawyers Weekly.



Moving from a weekly print publication to an online daily in 2017 allowed our team to improve upon the way we provide current awareness to Canadian legal professionals. There, The Lawyer's Daily was born.



In 2023, The Lawyer's Daily was renamed Law360 Canada. The decision to launch a Canadian edition of the prestigious Law360 news brand reflects our commitment to create a market-leading offering for premium legal news worldwide while maintaining local news, on-the-ground reporting and expert analysis in Canada.


Newsroom Standards & Ethics

Law360 Canada, formerly The Lawyer's Daily, is published by LexisNexis Canada. On occasion LexisNexis Canada enters into partnerships with organizations with the intention of charting and evaluating important emerging trends in legal innovation in Canada and around the globe. Our adherence to fact-based news reporting and the highest standards of truth and transparency have enabled us to flourish. The Law360 team has full editorial discretion on articles that may mention those organizations as part of its daily, independent news coverage. The opinions expressed in articles in Law360 Canada are not necessarily those of the publisher. To the extent permitted by law, the publisher, its affiliates and content licensors make no warranty as to the accuracy or suitability of any information and accepts no responsibility for errors or misstatements, negligent or otherwise. Your access to and use of this website is subject to LexisNexis’ terms of service found here. Law360 Canada is a member of the National NewsMedia Council, which deals with complaints about news stories, opinion columns or photos. See the NNC website at mediacouncil.ca or call 1-844-877-1163 for more information. Law360 Canada publishes Monday to Friday, excluding Canadian statutory holidays.